Bath Shower Tub Grab Rail, 16.5


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This Bath Shower Tub Grab Rail by Drive Medical was designed to fit just about any type of bathtub. The assist bar is an attractive white color which is aesthetically pleasing and was styled to perfectly fit for your needs. The bath rails clamp attaches by turning the locking mechanism which tightens the secure grip pads on all bath tub contact points. The pads prevent scratching of the tubs surface and ensure a secure fit. The shower rail is 16.5 in height and is easy to install without needing tools. This 16.5 model also features a second hand grip position providing support for users lying down in the bath tub. Not only will the Bath Shower Tub Grab Rail improve your bathing experience it will also blend into any bathroom decor.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 16.5 in


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