Stairlift Rentals

For some people, the need for a stairlift is only temporary. If you only need a stairlift for a short period of time, the option to rent may be the perfect choice. While you’re renting, you won’t have to worry about any repair or service costs, and when you decide you don’t need your temporary stairlift anymore, we’ll come and carefully remove it.

Our stairlift rental program is a minimum of 4 months, it includes installation and removal along with 4 months rental, then you can continue to rent month to month or have us remove it.

The program Covers our full line of straight stairlifts
Typical Rental Fees:

1: Installation/Removal fee $400.00
This one-time payment covers:
• A in-home assessment of your stairs
• Installation
• Free servicing during the rental period
• Removal of the stairlift

2: Monthly Rental Fee $250.00
The minimum rental term is 4 months.

rent to own

Stairlift rental programs can be a great option when you need to make your home accessible for a short term, however, the cost of renting long term may add up to more than the price of a stairlift. Our Rent-to-own program may be right for you.

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